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Class of 2016


Nancy Socorro Ortiz is the daughter of Mario and Maria Araceli Ortiz.  While at Rubidoux High School, Nancy has been involved in Spanish Club, Future Farmers of America, Class Council, President of the National Honor Society, Secretary and Class representative of the Rubidoux Early College High School Program (RECHS), Chamber Choir, Treasurer of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Youth Group, Rubidoux Get Schooled student ambassador, Church choir, AVID, AP classes, and Riverside County Second Districts Youth Advisory Council.  She has received an academic letter, RECHS Responsibility Award, RHS Band Most Outstanding Guard Performer plaque, AP test achievement award, California Girls state nominee and second alternate, and the Riverside County Barr Association Good Citizenship Award.  

Nancy plans to attend the University of California, Los Angeles to pursue her degree in Mathematics. After college, Nancy wants to establish a nonprofit organization that benefits educationally disadvantaged, low-income Latino students. She would like to thank Mrs. Merino for being that adult friend that every teenager needs.  Mrs. Merino has helped her from the moment she walked into her office in middle school, to the day she saw her walking in at Rubidoux.  The most influential person in Nancy’s life are her parents.  Her parents are the most self-less people she knows, who have given up absolutely everything in search for a better life for her and her sisters.


Ryan Zachariah Parker is the son of John Parker and Julie Paul.  While at Rubidoux High School, Ryan has been involved in National Honor Society, RECHS, AP classes, football, and volunteered at Jurupa Cultural Center, different senior homes, with the football program, and as a student trainer. Ryan has received a varsity football letter, CIF patches and bars, Offensive MVP 2013 and 2015, football and track certificate, and NHS Member Ceremony card.  

Ryan plans to attend Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to pursue a degree in Business and Economics/Statistics to eventually become an Economist or Actuary.  Ryan would like to thank Coach McMains for influencing him because he could always count on him if he needed help with anything.  Coach Thompson has also influenced Ryan to push himself to his limit and helped him find new found potential.  Ryan would also like to thank Mr. Santiago for making math interesting and fun and has influenced his life in a positive way. Ryan would like to thank the Spurlock Family because they have been supportive throughout all his life. 

#3    ARACELI RAZO - 4.000 GPA

Araceli Razo is the daughter of Daniel Razo and Elsa Delgado.  While at Rubidoux High School, Araceli has been involved in Basketball, Chamber Choir, Link Crew, and AP classes.  Araceli has received the Fabulous Falcon Award, a varsity letter for basketball, and an academic letter.

Araceli plans to attend the University of California, Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering.  She plans to become a construction engineer and travel to different places around the world.  Araceli would like to thank Mrs. Roble for always being there whenever she needed anything.  She would also like to thank Mr. Lin for always pushing her to get things done. Araceli is also grateful to Mr. Olazaba for helping her out, whether it was personal or academic.  The most inspiring people in Araceli’s life are her parents and her sister Angie because they have inspired her to be the best she can be.  Jerry has also continued to influence her from above.


Glory Iretomiwa Orekoya is the daughter of Omoyinka Margret Orekoya and Yemi Orekoya.  While at Rubidoux High School, Glory has been involved in RECHS, ASB, tennis, Link Crew Leader, honors and AP classes, President of Concert Choir, Class Council, Vice President of Best Buddies, volunteered at Riverside Community Hospital, volunteered at Kings Court Parish, and involved in church youth programs.

Glory plans to attend the University of California, Riverside.  She wants to pursue a degree in Biochemistry. After college, Glory plans to further her education in order to get a doctorate in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  The most influential person at Rubidoux High School for Glory is Mrs. Tavaglione.  Glory would like to thank Mrs. Tavaglione for making her transition from her previous high school to Rubidoux a success.  The most influential people in Glory’s life are her parents.  Her mom always pushed her and encouraged her to be the best and she is proud to know that she has done just that.  Her dad, who is no longer with us, always wanted the best education for her.  Continue to rest in peace Dad.


Arely Ehullany Sanchez Avila is the daughter of Agustin Sanchez and Odilia Avila.  While at Rubidoux High School, Arely has been involved in Cheerleading, AVID, RECHS, AP courses, National Honor Society, and the Spanish Club.  She has received a Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteer Service, 2nd Place in Art Exhibition for Photography, National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence, and a varsity letter for cheer.

Arely plans to attend the University of California, Irvine to pursue her degree in Biology. She hopes to one day become an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. The most influential person at Rubidoux High School for Arely has been Mrs. Merino.   She has made an impact on her life because she is always happy to help with both personal and school issues.   Mrs. Merino has influenced her to pursue her dreams and aspirations.  Arely’s parents have influenced her immensely. Her parents support her every decision and they do whatever it takes to give her what she needs.


Freddie Andres Adame is the son of Andres Adame and Alejandra Anguiano.  While at Rubidoux High School, Freddie has been involved in cross country, track and field, basketball, National Honor Society, RECHS, yearbook, and AP classes. He has received recognition for Boys State Delegate, varsity letter in cross country and track and field, and competed at the 2015 CIF Cross Country State Championship.

Freddie plans to attend the University of California, Irvine to pursue a degree in Biological Sciences.  He plans to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science and then attend medical school to become a plastic surgeon.  Coach and campus supervisor Pablo Garcia has been the most influential person at Rubidoux and he has taught Freddie numerous valuable life lessons that he will keep with him forever.  A simple “Hello, how are you” can go a long way, and I just want to thank Pablo for that.  Freddie would like to thank his dad for being supportive of his school work and sports.  It is because of his father that he never settled for anything less and always strived for the best. Thank you Dad for demonstrating the definition of hard work and dedication and I hope I have made you proud.  I love you dearly.


Sara Buenrostro Ortega is the daughter of Alfonso Buenrostro and Maria Guadalupe Ortega. While at Rubidoux High School, Sara has been involved in Swim, Water Polo, AVID and AP classes.  She has also received the Singh Chevrolet Perfect Attendance Award, AVID Write-Off Site Winner, and Rubidoux Varsity Swim Letter.

Sara plans to attend California State University of Stanislaus to pursue a degree in Kinesiology.  Sara plans on a career as a Physical Therapist.  Sara would like to thank Mr. Olazaba for helping her overcome stressful decisions in her senior year.  Mr. Olazaba has taught her that sometimes a challenge can be beneficial even if it ends in failure as long as you give it your all.  The most influential person in Sara’s life is her mother.  Sara’s mom has inspired her to do her best even in difficult times. Sara would like to advise future students that “Even if a class seems impossible, hard work and dedication will be the key to succeed in a challenging class.”


Armando Garcia is the son of Armando and Norma Garcia.  While at Rubidoux High School, Armando has been involved in National Honor Society, AP Classes, RECHS, and Upward Bound. He has received recognition for being a Fabulous Falcon twice and received an Academic Letter.

Armando plans on attending University of California, Riverside where he will pursue a degree in Computer Engineering. Armando would like to be part of a team with like-minded goals to push technology to new limits.  According to Armando, the most influential person at Rubidoux is Ms. Apodaca.  Ms. Apodaca has pushed Armando and would remind him that if he didn’t do it, he would not be able to achieve what he wants.  Armando would like to thank Ms. Apodaca for inspiring him to do his best and to never give up. During times of hardship and stress, Gisela Lamas has been a close friend and his motivator. She encouraged him to never give up especially when he wanted to quit on himself. 


Estefania Dela Cruz De Santiago is the daughter of Yolanda De Santiago and Gelacio De La Cruz.  Estefania has been involved in Color Guard, AP Classes, AVID, Treble Choir, and EMR Classes.

Estefania plans on attending the University of California, Riverside to pursue a degree in Biology.  After college she plans on traveling around the world before starting her career in Nursing.  Mr. Olazaba has been the most influential person at RHS.  Mr. Olazaba has made her senior year less stressful and he has also helped her with difficult decisions. Estefania does not have one person in particular that has influenced her the most, however she has had many people cross her path that have influenced her in some way.  Estefania appreciates everyone that has made a positive impact in her life and for that she would like to say, “Thank you, I love you, and you have been a true friend”.


Lucero Hernandez is the daughter of Jorge Hernandez and Maria Flores.  While at Rubidoux High School, Lucero has been involved in the National Honor Society, Class Council, Catholic Youth Group, Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Treble Choir, AVID, AP Classes, RECHS, Volunteering at the Senior Center, and Volunteering at St. Francis De Sales. She was recognized for having perfect attendance as well as an Academic letter.  She also was recognized for Varsity Letter and the most improved player for Basketball.

Lucero plans to attend the University of California, Riverside next fall where she will pursue a degree in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology. She hopes to become a world renowned cardiovascular surgeon saving lives.  Lucero plans to do a clinical trial to cure the cardiovascular disease that causes heart attacks. Lucero’s most significant academic accomplishment was being top ten of her class because she did her utmost best to pass all her classes with straight A’s, which meant sacrificing time. The best advice Lucero would give to students is to be academically successful at Rubidoux High School and you need to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can maximize your strengths while defeating your weaknesses. She also recommends to set goals and work hard to achieve them.