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Class of 2015

#1    Samantha Negrete - 4.1250 GPA

Samantha Negrete is the daughter of Filiberto and Maria Negrete.  Samantha has been involved in Band and Marching Band, Interact Club, Interact Treasurer, National Honor Society, RECHS, RECHS President, Tennis, Upward Bound, Youth Advisory Council, AP Program, Boys’ Basketball Stats, and Club Volleyball.  Samantha has received Girls State First Alternate Award, Certificate of Perfect Attendance, Interact Distinguished Member, API Gold Card/Star Squad Winner, RECHS Dedicated to Excellence Award, Quest Bridge Recipient, County of Riverside Certificate of Recognition Youth Advisory Council Member, Tennis Varsity Letter, CIF Playoffs Letter, and 1st Team All-League Letter.  Samantha plans to attend University of California, Berkeley to pursue a degree in Biochemistry.  After college, Samantha plans on becoming a Pediatrician at a hospital helping low income families who cannot afford medical care.  The most inspirational people in Samantha’s life would be her mother and her father.  Samantha’s parents have gone through many adversities to get to where they are and always expected the best. They have always been there to help her through rough patches for the past four years.  Her father and mother always wanted Samantha to have a better life than what her parents were able to provide for her and her siblings.  

#2    Alexandra Rodriguez - 4.1163 GPA

Alexandra Rodriguez is daughter of Miguel and Arcelia Rodriguez.  Alexandra has been involved in Cross Country, Cross Country Manager, Girls Soccer, Treble Choir, Interact Club, Chamber Choir, National Honor Society, as well as AP Courses.  Alexandra has received the Fabulous Falcon Award two years in a row, the Gold Card Award, and passed at least one AP Exam Award.  Alexandra plans to attend University of California, Riverside to pursue a degree in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering.  After college, Alexandra plans on being employed by NASA or JPL.  Alexandra also plans on owning her own house, traveling, having a family, and creating programs to help change the world.  The most influential person at Rubidoux is Mrs. Cloward.  Mrs. Cloward has inspired and encouraged her to keep taking Calculus courses.  Mrs. Cloward has helped Alexandra’s knowledge of math increase and continues to fuel her passion for Mathematics.  Alexandra would like to thank Mrs. Cloward for being such a great teacher and for always having her doors open for her.  The most influential person in Alexandra’s life is her sister, Jessica.  Jessica has influenced Alexandra by being the first person in her family to graduate.  Alexandra wants to thank Jessica for setting such a great example and never giving up on her.  Jessica has always been there for Alexandra and has given her the confidence to keep going. Jessica has never left Alexandra’s side and she knows she can keep counting on Jessica for the rest of her life. 

#3    Lizette Enriquez - 4.1020 GPA

Lizette Enriquez is the daughter of Christina Enriquez.  Lizette has been involved in RECHS, National Honor Society, Varsity Cross Country and Varsity Track, and Link Crew.  Lizette has received #1 Freshman, #1 Sophomore, #1 Junior, and #1 Senior for the Cross Country Team.  Lizette has also been awarded the Most Inspirational award for the 2014 Season.  Lizette has been to CIF and League Championships for Cross Country and Track Teams. Through her high school career she has accumulated eleven patches.  Lizette plans on attending San Diego State University to pursue a degree in Athletic Training.  After college, Lizette plans to be a Certified Athletic Trainer and receive her B.S. from SDSU.  Lizette plans on being employed by a private, collegiate, or professional team as a trainer. The most influential person at Rubidoux is Coach Chann.  Coach Chann has mentored Lizette to become a dedicated and strong-willed student athlete.  Lizette wants to thank Coach Chann for the hundreds of hours that he personally dedicated to ensure that her time here has offered the most opportunities for her success.  Lizette is grateful to call him a coach and teacher during her time here.   Lizette’s mom has been her greatest inspiration because she has been by her side through the ups and downs of her life.   Her mother’s words of wisdom have helped her with various situations and she has no idea where she would be without her.  Lizette’s love for her mother is endless and continues to grow each day.

#4 Rosa Maria Rivera - 4.0962 GPA

Rosa Maria Rivera is the daughter of Hermenegildo and Florinda Rivera.  Rosa has been involved in National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Rubidoux’s Marching Band, RECHS, and minister of the Eucharist for St. John’s.  Rosa Maria has received the Perfect Attendance Award.  Rosa Maria plans on attending University of California, Berkeley to pursue a degree in Biology.  After college she plans on going to medical school to become a surgeon. Rosa’s greatest inspiration at Rubidoux would be Mrs. Cloward.  Mrs. Cloward always challenges the students to think outside the box and to not give up until you find the answer to a problem. The most influential people in Rosa’s life are her family. Her sister Isabel is a role model of how to succeed. Her parents encouraged her to work hard and follow her dreams and her younger sisters made her be optimistic even through hardships. 

#5 Karla Garcia - 4.0682 GPA

Karla Garcia is the daughter of Ernesto and Veronica Garcia.  Karla has been involved in National Honor Society, AVID, Spanish Club, Interact Club, Louis Robidoux Homework Help Club, Library volunteer, AP classes, Science Fair Expo 2014, UCR Conversation & American Culture, and the Santa Ana River Trust clean-up.  Karla has received the Fabulous Falcon Award and AVID write-off site winner.  Karla plans on attending University of California, Riverside or University of California, Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Biology.  After college she plans on becoming a Pediatrician.  The most influential person in Karla’s life is her parents and her Nina who always believed in her and gave her so much support.  She loves all of you so much and to her little sister whom she wants to be a role model for, thank you for influencing her to do her best. 

#6 Monica Montes - 3.9767 GPA

Monica Montes is the daughter of Martin and Blanca Montes. Monica has been involved with ASB Government, AP classes, National Honors Society, Choir, Link Crew, Interact Club, and Class Council.  Monica has received an ASB Government letter.   Monica plans to attend University of California, Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Microeconomics.  After college, Monica plans on working her way up in the business world until she acquires her own business.  The most influential person in Monica’s life is her brother.  He has showed and taught her to keep going even when nobody believes in you.  She doesn’t know where she would be right now if she didn’t have him and she wants to thank him for all of the things he has done for her. 

#7 Bethany Ewers - 3.9592 GPA (tie)

Bethany Ewers is the daughter of Deena Michelle Ewers.  Bethany has been involved in RECHS, National Honors Society, Interact Club, and volunteers at Louis Robidoux Library.  Bethany has received the Fabulous Falcon award twice, a Distinguished Service Citation from Interact Club, a Dedicated to Excellence award for RECHS, certificate of Perfect Attendance, and API Gold card/Star Squad winner.  Bethany plans to attend University of California, Riverside to pursue a degree in Geology/Earth Sciences/Environmental Science. After college she plans on helping out with the current problems in the world and sees herself going out on digs in the desert in search for interesting sites in Geology.  The most influential person at Rubidoux High School is Ms. Apodaca.  Ms. Apodaca has influenced her to be confident and charismatic.  The most influential person in Bethany’s life is Jerry, who is a family friend.  He always asks about her schooling and gives her subtle advice, which pushes her forward.  Bethany has always been driven to prove people wrong who said she would never get anywhere in life and Jerry Rogers helps hold my backbone together. 

#7 Ricardo Rubio - 3.9592 GPA (tie)

Ricardo Rubio is the son of Berta and Ricardo Rubio.  Ricardo has been involved in RECHS, National Honors Society, Interact Club, the AP Program, UCR Summer Academy, Louis Robidoux Library Homework Helper, Riverside County 2nd District Youth Advisory Council Member, and volunteered over three years at the Louis Robidoux Library.  Ricardo has received the RECHS Dedicated to Excellence Award and RECHS Responsible Individual Award.  Ricardo plans to attend University of California, Berkley to pursue a degree in Psychology and Biology.  After college, Ricardo wants to become a psychiatrist.   The most inspirational person at Rubidoux is Ms. Arias.  Ms. Arias has helped Ricardo so much since the 9th grade.  The most inspirational person in Ricardo’s life is his parents.

#9 Edgar Flores - 3.9524 GPA

Edgar Flores is the son of Crescencio Flores and Olga Larios.  Edgar has been Captain of the Rubidoux Varsity Soccer team as well as playing three years of Varsity Soccer.  Edgar has received three Varsity Soccer letters, as well as Honor Guard and Gold Card Award.  Edgar plans to attend University of California Riverside to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering.  His dream job is to work with computer technology and future technology.  The most inspirational person at Rubidoux is Coach Miller.  Edgar considers it a privilege to have been coached by Mr. Miller for three years.  Coach Miller has always looked out for him, inside and off the pitch, even though this season was one of the toughest.  Edgar will miss Coach Miller the most from his high school experience.   The most inspirational people in Edgar’s life are his two older sisters.  His sisters have pushed him to do nothing less than his best and without his eldest sister, Yackie, he wouldn’t be where he is right now. “Thank you Yackie, and I love you so much.” 

#10    Maria Isabel Guzman Huezo - 3.9302 GPA

Maria Isabel Guzman Huezo is the daughter of David Guzman and Gabriela Huezo. Maria has been involved in Interact Club, Spanish Club, Class Council, AP Chemistry, AP Government and Politics, Journalism Club, Tennis, Yearbook Officer, Journalism Club, and Activities Director for Interact Club.  Maria has volunteered with Jurupa Valley Adopt-A-Family, Louis Robidoux Library, Mission Inn Run, Project Food at the Congregational Church, Cancer walk, JUSD Picnic, the Mission Inn Festival of Lights Pink on Parade, and Youth Opportunity Center.  Maria plans to attend University of California, Riverside to pursue a degree in Business Economics or Business Administration.  After college Maria wants to become a banker or an accountant.  Maria also wants to be a Rotary International member where she can continue to volunteer.   Maria wants to help a myriad of people around the world that are in great need. The most influential person at Rubidoux was Mr. Stanford.  Ever since Maria’s freshman year, Mr. Stanford has encouraged Maria to always do her best in everything she does.  Mr. Stanford has taught her to never be afraid to go down the road alone and he has also helped her academically and is always there when she needs him.  Maria wants to thank Mr. Stanford for all the hours he stayed after school to help her and she will always remember what a great teacher he is. The most influential people in Maria’s life are her parents.  Maria’s parents always encouraged her to work hard and continue her education after high school. Maria looks up to her father as he has overcome a great number of obstacles in order to give his family everything they need.  Her father has taught her to never give up.  Maria’s mother has inspired her to stay devoted to volunteering, be kind and help people in need.  Maria looks up to both of her parents for all of their hard work; they have been her inspiration both academically and personally.  Maria is truly thankful that they are always there for her.  “I love you mom and dad.”