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Class of 2014


Berenise Lopez-Lopez is the daughter of Agustin and Anita Lopez.  While at Rubidoux High School Berenise has been involved in Cross Country, Track and Field, Rubidoux Early College High School program, AVID, Christian Club, National Honor Society, Junior Class Council, Youth Advisory Council member,  UCR Conversation and American Culture.  She has received recognition for Varsity Runner for Cross Country, Varsity Hurdler for Track and Field, recognized for Most Inspirational for Cross Country, Captain’s Award for Cross Country, winner of the CST Star Squads, second place in the JUSD Science Fair, first place in the County Science Fair, UCR Chancellor Scholarship, and Inland Empire Scholarship Fund.  Berenise plans to attend University of California, Riverside to pursue her degree in Bioengineering  then to go onto graduate school to become a biomedical reseacher.   She would like to thank Mrs. Gotoski for her guidance and friendship.  She has taught me to set no limits and break all boundaries.  My family and friends have influenced my growth throughout these four years, I know that without them, I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.  They’ve remained by my side and continue to exemplify the meaning of Ohana.


Jessica Lemus Aldama is the daughter of Martin Lemus Garcia and Lupe Lemus.  While at Rubidoux High School Jessica has been involved in Cross Country, Soccer, Track and Field, AVID, Rubidoux Early College High School program, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Junior Class Council, Christian Club, Science and Environmental Club, Second District Youth Advisory Council, Jurupa Middle School Operation Santa, and WEConnect Health Fair.  She has received the JUSD Certificate of Merit, JUSD Science Fair First Place Senior Environmental Science, Inland Scholarship Fund, RECHS Certificates of Excellence and Achievement, AVID Fabulous Falcon Award, Star Squad Winner, RIMS Science Fair Gold Medal Winner, and has received Varsity letters in Cross Country, Track and Field, and Soccer.  Jessica plans to attend University of California, Riverside to pursue a degree in Mathematical Science to pursue a career as an engineer or math teacher.  The most influential person at Rubidoux High School is Mrs. Williams-Washington.  She has motivated me to achieve my goals and to never give up. I have three people in my life that have influenced me, my father, mother and sister.  My parents always encouraged me to give it my best and reach toward my goals.  My sister Marleny Lemus helped me academically when I needed it.  She made my life so much easier. I want to thank them for all that they have done and I hope to repay them later for all they have done for me by making them proud and letting them know that all of their sacrifices have paid off. 


Kelvin is the son of Dionicio and Odilla Reyes.  While at Rubidoux High School Kelvin has been involved in RCC Upward Bound, UCR EAOP Summer Academy, Football, Interact Club, National Honor Society, Founder and President of the FALCONS Fitness Club, Mentoring at Mission Middle School’s THINK Together Program, Doux Delta Force (off campus fitness club), and distributing food from the Food Distribution Warehouse for low income families.  Kelvin has received recognition for Unsung Hero Award, UCR’s Chancellor’s Scholarship, Academic Achievement Award, Varsity letter in Football, and Certificate of completion of Community Service at Rubidoux’s Youth Opportunity Center.  Kelvin plans to attend University of Southern California to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering.  He plans to serve in the Airforce after college to become a Security Forces Officer. Then he plans to enlist in the Army to become an Army Ranger.  He also plans while in the military to pursue his masters and PhD in computer engineering.  He will work in the private sector as a computer engineer after his military commitment is completed.


Samantha Villagran Corona is the daughter of Jose Alfredo and Brigida Villagran.  While at Rubidoux High School Samantha has been involved in Swim, Cross Country, Soccer, National Honor Society, Upward Bound, and AVID.  She has received her letter in Swim and Cross Country.  Samantha plans to attend University California Los Angeles or Cal Poly Pomona.  She will pursue a degree in Biology/Mathematics and continue on to Medical School and become a Pediatrician.  All of her teachers at Rubidoux High School have helped her learn the necessary things to be able to move on and go to college.  She wants to thank them all.  Samantha wants to thank her whole family for teaching her not to give up.  Without her family she would not be where she is today.


Katherine Gomez is the daughter of Rigoberto and Ana Maria Gomez.  While at Rubidoux High School she has been involved in Rubidoux Early College High School program, Class Council, National Honor Society, Environmental Club, Spanish Club, Christian Club, Science Club, Cross Country and Track and Field.  She has received recognition for RIMS Science Fair Second Place, JUSD Science Fair First Place, JUSD Science Fair Second Place, RECHS Excellence, and Rubidoux Cross Country Captain’s Award. Katherine plans to attend New York University or University of California Los Angeles to pursue her degree in Financial Engineering/Business and one day own her own business in the fashion industry.  The most influential person at Rubidoux High School for Katherine is Mr. Chann.  He has always encouraged her and she would like to thank him for that.  Both my mom and dad have influenced me because they came from Mexico in search of a better life for themselves, as well as their children.  The determination that they had to fulfill their dreams and aspirations has given me the opportunity to create and accomplish mine.


Vanessa Salazar is the daughter of Karyn-Ceja Sandoval and Jorge Sandoval.  While at Rubidoux High School Vanessa has been involved in Varsity Cheer, Golf, Softball, Link Crew, National Honor Society, and St. Francis de Sales CCD.  She has received recognition for Perfect Attendance, Perfect scores on both CAHSEE exams, RYLA nominee, Highest score on Science CST in Chemistry, 1st Place in Science Fair Chemistry and Pharmacology division, and has received her athletic letter in Cheer, Golf and Softball.  Vanessa plans to attend University California Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Chemistry or Mathematics.  She plans to become a heart surgeon.  Vanessa has been inspired by Mr. Santiago and Mrs. Arzate.  They both have helped her to prepare for college.  Thank you.  Both of Vanessa’s grandfathers Ernie and Wagner have helped her be who she is today.  They both taught her that you need to work hard to be successful and they both have supported her with whatever she needed.  She wants to work hard and be successful just like they both are, so she can give back to them everything they have given her.


Jessica Gonzalez is the daughter of Jose Gonzalez and Susana Murillo.  While at Rubidoux High School Jessica has been involved in Rubidoux Early College program, AVID, Junior Class representative, FFA, Chief Justice, Christian Club, Photo and Art Club, Class Council, Band, Publicity Chair person, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Environmental Club, Riverside Youth Advisory Council, JUSD Operation Santa, Tutoring at Mission Middle School, WEConnect Health Fair, Show n’ Go Charity Car Show, Asian Lunar Festival, UCR Conversation and American Culture, and Louis Robidoux Homework Help Club.  She has received recognition for Tennis Varsity Letter, JUSD Certificate of Merit, Star Squad Award, JUSD Science Fair Sr. Division Participant Award, RECHS Responsibility Award, RECHS Certificate of Achievement, JUSD Science Fair First Place Sr. Environmental Science, RIMS County Science and Engineering Fair Silver Medalist, IESF Scholarship.
Jessica plans to attend University of California, Riverside to pursue a degree in Environmental Engineering to help improve the air and water quality in the world.  Jessica would like to thank Mrs. Williams-Washington for not only being a great biology teacher but she has tremendous strength and faith in overcoming life’s toughest obstacles and she is an amazingly beautiful person inside and out.  The most influential people in Jessica’s life are her family and small circle of friends.  Her mother’s kind way of being, her father’s hard work, and her friend’s efforts have a great influence on her actions.  Each of them motivates her to become a better individual in various ways.


Jorge Montoya Marquez is the son of Jorge and Angelica Montoya.  While at Rubidoux High School Jorge has been involved in AVID, National Honor Society, Rubidoux Early College High School program, Photo and Art Club, Spanish Club and Jurupa Valley Boxing Club. He has received recognition for dedicating 5 years to the Jurupa Valley Boxing Club and various certificates for helping in the community. Jorge plans on attending University California Los Angeles where he will pursue his degree in Biology and to go on to receive his PhD in Biology and work in a hospital. Another goal of Jorge’s is to become a successful boxer and to be classified as a World Class Fighter.  Jorge would like to thank Mr. Marmolejo for inspiring him to do his best and not to give up.  He would not be where his is to today without Mr. Marmolejo.  Jorge would like to thank his parents for their support of his dreams and goals and for all the hard work they put forward to provide everything that he has ever needed. He will continue to try his best to make them proud.  Thank you for everything.


Ivette Sarahi Perez Garcia is the daughter of Patricia M. Garcia.  Ivette has been involved in AVID, Upward Bound, National Honor Society, and the Swim team.   She received her Varsity Letter in the 9th grade for Tennis, AVID GPA award, 1st place in this year’s Science Fair, and she received recognition in the Upward Bound Summer Program.  Ivette plans on attending University California Los Angeles to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice/Political Science.  She wants to help those that are suffering from domestic abuse.  Her dream job is to work for the FBI.  Ivette was motivated by Mr. Marmolejo, Mr. Olazaba, Mrs. Bailey, and Mrs. Tyer, they inspired her to never give up.  The most influential person in Ivette’s life is her mother Patricia M. Garcia.  Despite all of the obstacles and problems she never gave up on the goals that she set for herself.


Samantha Sarai Corona is the daughter of Rosa Mireya Corona and Sergio Corona.  While at Rubidoux High School Samantha has been involved in the National Honor Society, the Rubidoux Chamber Singers, Volleyball, and she is the Secretary for F.A.L.C.O.N.  She has received a Medal and Trophy for “Best Defense” in Volleyball, a certificate of recognition “Mountain Valley League Honorable Mention”, and she was chosen as “Best Alto” her junior year in Chamber Choir.  Samantha plans on attending UC Santa Barbara where she plans on pursuing a degree in Health/Kinesiology to support those that need therapy to regain partial or complete function of limbs.  Samantha appreciates all of the help and advice that Mrs. Tyer gave even though she never had her as a teacher.  Her door was always open.  I Love You Mrs. Tyer!  Samantha’s brother Kevin Corona is her role model.  He inspired her to always do her best.