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Class of 2010

Congratulations to the Class of 2010 Top 10!


1.  Describe your most significant memory at RHS.

2.  Describe the most significant academic accomplishment (major paper, project, experiment, performance, or presentation) of which you are most proud and tell why you take special pride in it.

3.  What advice would you give to students about how to be academically successful at RHS?

4.  What are your plans and/or goals after high school?


Valedictorian - Elyse Johnson


1.  I will remember putting on plays and choir concerts for Rubidoux.  I also will always remember running away from the seagulls.


2.  I am very proud of the end of the year project I did for Ms. Arzate, and the videos I made for Video Production class.


3.  Do your work, ask your teachers lots of questions (they’re there for a reason), and get out of the habit of procrastination.


4.  I plan to go to a four-year university, and then I plan to become a rich and successful engineer.



Salutatorian - Dulce Pliego-Morales

1.  The first mountain pass league race for Cross Country.  As a team with hard training and support from each other, we won 2nd place—something we had never expected to receive.  We knew that training worked and the smiles on our faces were unforgettable.


2.  I take a lot of pride in my historical report for English.  I worked really hard to get a good paper.  I did investigations and many drafts.


3.  I would advise students to get involved in school activities because that way you won’t make bad choices and it will motivate you to have good grades.


4.  My plans are to go to college and receive a business degree.  I plan to organize a non-profit organization and help those in need.



3. Brianna Carrillo

1.  The most significant memory at RHS was Fall Homecoming 2008.  The whole week I participated in spirit days and decorated a hall for junior class.  Winning the Spirit Stick for the juniors was very rewarding.


2.  My literary criticism paper that I wrote for AP English Literature and Composition was about five pages and led me to receive an A at the end of the year in the hardest class that I have taken.


3.  Take challenging courses, but not too many at once because you’ll be overwhelmed.  Maintain a healthy balance between doing homework and doing something fun.


4.  I plan to go to a four-year private college, and my goal is to become a high school math teacher.


4. Jessica Morales

1.  When I was first recognized as a top student in the rally.  My mom was really proud of me.

2.  One of my significant academic accomplishments was completing a seven-page paper for AP English Literature and Composition.  I thought I would never be able to complete it but I actually did.  This showed me that I can make it through college.


3.  In order to be academically successful at RHS, one has to be fully devoted to getting As and take as many AP courses as possible.


4.  After high school, I plan to go to UCR and major in Biological Science.  Then I plan to go to medical school.



5. Itzel Tapia Fuentes

1.  My most significant memory at RHS is having been in the Top Ten for three years.


2.  The most significant academic accomplishment of which I am most proud is an essay about my family story.  I take special pride in it because it helped me to connect my background with my present and my future.


3.  My advice is to never give up; if they are facing any problem they should try and keep trying harder.


4.  My plan after high school is to attend UCR.  My goals are to major in Spanish and get my teaching credential so I can become a bilingual teacher.



6. Rosa Cadenas

1.  My most significant memory at RHS is the time I got the best score at a golf match out of all of my teammates.


2.  My most significant academic accomplishment is having a 4.0 GPA for college classes.


3.  Have a goal beforehand so you have a motivation to succeed.


4.  My plans after high school are to attend Stanford University and major in Pre-Med.



 7. Jonathan Earnest

1.  Snapping the 22-game losing streak by beating Jurupa Valley at their Homecoming and setting the foundation of an amazing football program.


2.  Receiving the honor of an “All-American Scholar” because only 400 students receive this honor every year.


3.  Always do your homework.  This preparation should remove all stress over tests and replace it with confidence.


4.  Go to a four-year university, plan college football, major in Business Management, and minor in coaching.  My goals are to go to the NFL, retire, and come back to Rubidoux to coach the team that will always be a part of me.



8. Evan Saige
1.  I just remember being with friends.  Being able to see them everyday was great.


2.  Getting to the Top Ten because it allowed me to realize my potential.


3.  Just do the work.  There is no way you won’t pass a class if you do all the work.


4.  I am going to RCC to get my AA and then transfer to a four-year university.


9. Ryan Carr

1.  My most significant memory at Rubidoux is being the tallest person and the funniest Falcon as the mascot.


2.  My significant academic accomplishment is getting in the top ten of my senior class.


3.  I would tell them to keep doing their homework and study hard.


4.  My goals and plans after high school are to go to RCC and get a degree in Fire Science to hopefully become a firefighter.





10. Naitze Herrera

1.  My most significant memory at RHS is going to the Star Wars-themed pep rally.


2.  I am most proud of passing the AP Spanish Language exam because I did not think I would have passed.


3.  All it takes to be academically successful at RHS is motivation and dedication towards your work.


4.  My goals after high school are to attend UC Davis and become a psychiatrist.