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Tech Tips

How to access My Documents from home

 - go to the district website (
 - Top left, click on MyJUSD
 - log in with your username (typically first_last) and current password
 - click jCloud Services (right side of the page)
 - on the left, click My Documents

   1. To work on a document from home, you click on it, and save it to your computer... 
   2. You then need to upload it when you are finished if you want it available back at school!

How to enter grades for progress reports

Go to your Grade Book >
   - Click on the Calc/Post button
   - Click on Post Marks
   - Select Semester 1/Progress 1
   - Select Academic - Grade book
   - Click Post Marks

To modify manually, enter comments, or double check what students are going to receive:
   - Click on Menu > Marks > Class Marks
   - Term: Semester 1 Progress 1

How to print grades (to post on the wall for students)

Menu > Marks > Reports > Grade Book Task Summary SHEET

Be sure to select "Student ID Only" under "Print"

How to print progress report summaries (for your record, or Tina Z.)

Menu > Marks > Reports > Class Marks Lisiting

How to print a spreadsheet for recording grades (by hand)

Menu > Schedule > Reports > Checklist Roster

How to print individual grades for students (so they can take home for parent signatures)

Menu > Marks > Reports > Grade Book Student Progress Reports

   - Select 1 class, or all
   - Change the dates if your assignment list becomes long...
   - Uncheck: Class Average

Substitute Request / Aesop

JUSD Website > Employees > Aesop
   (or click here)

Your ID is your phone number.  

Your Pin was emailed to you.  (Search your email inbox for "Aesop")

If you cannot find it, click "Pin Reminder" on the Aesop website, and it will be emailed to you again.


How to access email on your phone or iOS device

JUSD Website > Employees > Helpdesk Resources
   (or click here)

How to print grade checks by Advisory teacher

- Menu > Enrollment > Reports 
- Select:  Student Profile (on the left folder "tree")
- Under Report Options
    - Click on: All > Assignments > Done
- Click the word: Student Selection (to expand it's options)
    - Under Advisor, click "All" to find yourself
    - Click: Done
- Under the section for Sort
    - You need to check-mark: Group By and Page Break
- Click: Create Report

Student Visits (to office)

Q > Menu > Enrollment > Student Visits > Find your student